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June 16, 2010

KESSELSKRAMER (yes this is their website), the agency with slightly different communication campaigns for companies such as Diesel, also has a publishing arm. Kesselskramer Publishing features publications that represent the ‘interests’ of creative thinkers behind the company – and I love each and every one of them. The books can be purchased in bookshops worldwide or at KK Outlet, a mix of shop, gallery and agency in London.

Strangers in my Photoalbum – People that accidentally join and participate in your photographs by appearing in the background

Anonymous – Are faces more important than bodies?

Bad Food Gone Worse– In an attempt to entice hungry customers …, chefs have taken it upon themselves to make photographs of their dishes.

Models – A collection of 132 German police uniforms and how they should be worn


Quirky cubes

June 7, 2010

Weird, home-made style furniture by architects/designers Uglycute from Sweden. My personal favourite, the psychedelic colour cube.

Reindeer Chair, purple

Clay bowl, made by dancers during a performance

(Not sure)

Bank, pink


March 11, 2010

In addition to yesterdays post here is a video of Fever Ray (solo project of Karen from The Knife) accepting an award on a Swedish show. Grumph!

Francis Upritchard

February 9, 2010

New Zealand born artist Francis Upritchard came to my attention when I had a chance to look through her new book Every Colour By Itself.  Beautifully designed by Äbake and published by their publishing venture Dent-De-Leon it made me want to find out more about her work. In the book all the sculptures – incredibly colourful fluorescent naked men and ladies – are shown from all possible angles and printed on thick, absorbing paper, which creates a wired and wonderful feeling. I love the use of colour and the awkward postures these bodies have – almost as if we all should actually look like this. Naked, of course.

Something New

January 21, 2010

Learn Something New Everyday

Street With A View

January 18, 2010

Street With A View is a charming project by artists Robin Hewlett and Ben Kinsley. In 2008 they invited the Google Street View team to a neighborhood in Pittsburgh, where a community performance by local residents and artists took place. The result can be seen anytime you go to Google Maps and browse around the Sampsonia Way area.

I like the way the issue of surveillance and the random weirdness of the images captured by the Google Street View car is broached. Some of these so called Google Street View sightings are featured in this Times Online article. The fact that a whole community is involved in such a public art project makes it even more likable.

Literary Oddities

December 18, 2009 have a section in their online store called Weird Book Room. And is has such gems as  Talks with Trees; A Plant Psychic’s Interviews with Vegetables, Flowers and Trees, Natural Bust Enlargement with Total Mind Power, 50 Ways to Use Feminine Hygiene Products in a Manly Manner, Teleportation: A How To Guide and may more.

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November 19, 2009

Last night Kate Moss revealed her life motto

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels

Bravo! But, what the hell is she thinking?

1. Has she ever tried Parisian macarons, Davi Fulfords SpagBol or my mums cheesecake?

2. More importantly, how can some be so stupid?! Is she for real? Probably, but no, don’t tell it to a bunch of reporters and definitely not when you’re a role model and there is an increasing number of anorexic girls, thinking it’s better to be dead than too fat.

This is so sad. I honestly hope she was drunk or drugged or something, otherwise I might have to believe that she really just is a shallow-brained supermodel, who`s only concern and responsibility seems to be her weight.


Learn to cross!

November 2, 2009

Today the new Oxford Circus crossing has been opened, and, judging from the video people here still need to learn how to use it a little bit. Based on crossings in Japan (like this one here in Tokyo – people are obviously more advance)

the principle is to completely stop traffic, so people can cross in all directions. But, the crucial thing is to really just go when it´s green…we´ll learn.

Watch the video here.


October 22, 2009




I love this project by photographer Ari Versluis and profiler Ellie Uyttenbroek. Since 1994 they have been working on Exactitudes, which documents and reveals the dress codes of various social circles all over the world. I believe there is also a book.  Since I love watching people this is something I enjoyed a lot and spend, probably too much, time looking at today. Check out the Geeks, Jennyd´Enfers, Bonitas, Homeboys and all the others.