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Pretty Foods

April 4, 2010

I don’t actually know if the food tastes great but it certainly looks amazing. It should probably be called pretty rainbow food though. Pretty Foods


A rose is a rose is a rose

February 16, 2010

I have no idea who Marco Fusinato is, but somehow I stumbled across his website and, although most of the projects are very subtle, there is something intriguing about each of them. As a big fan of Beuys I especially like A Dozen Roses, based on Rose for Direct Democracy (1972) by Beuys.

Joseph Beuys
Rose for Direct Democracy
Glass beaker with silkscreen 33.5 x 5 cm

Marco Fusinato
Rose #1-#3 from A Dozen Roses
digital type-C photograph on Fuji Crystal Archive paper
139 x 93 cm framed
edition of 5
Courtesy Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne and Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington

Marco Fusinato
A Dozen Roses
Installation view: Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne