Duk Duk

I like to think of me as a designer, but then I find social issues and politics extremely interesting. At one point I considered to study something related but didn´t know what to become with it. And I don´t like learning out of books. So I dismissed that option. I need to be creative, that´s why I think design might be the right thing for me. I feel happy designing but recently became more and more concerned about the issues I am communicating. Using my communication skills for something I believe in is my current aim. I also believe that a designer has the ability to “design” invisible content, like communication and interaction between people, places and objects to create a communal feeling within a social environment.  My approach is to incorporate people in the creative process – an effective way to create identification with a place and at the same time educate and inform. It needs to be fun as well. And I like to play. Miranda July, Sophie Calle and Erwin Wurm are some of my favorite artists.


One Response to “Duk Duk”

  1. Andrew Says:

    very very good, i like to see this in between painting pictures and listening to differnet kinds of music and mostly i listen to lastfm and get irritated by people phoning me and knocking on the studio door

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