March 6, 2010

DATA FLOW 2, the successor of DATA FLOW, will be published by Die Gestalten Verlag at the end of this month. It should be worth buying, even if your not terribly into colorful graphs and geometric shapes. People come up with so many different ways to translate information in something that is easier and, more importantly, more entertaining to digest, it shouldn’t left you bored.

Christoph Niemann, I hate mosquitoes

Xavier Barrade, Models

Aleatory Compositions

The first time I realised how important and effective good infographics are, was when I looked at distorted world maps, where territories are re-sized according to the subject of interest. In an instant your get the huge imbalance between actual land area, compared to for example population or carbon emission. For a big selection of many more maps go and visit

Conventional map, based on actual land area

Based on population

Carbon emissions in 2000

Atheists and agnostics combined


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