More cars

January 17, 2010

This is not intentional, but I came along a project which deals with cars in a very charming way. Austrian civil engineer Hermann Knoflacher, who is well known for his criticism of cars and their effects on humans and the environment, developed a construction, which he calls Gehzeug ( something like walkmobile in English). It is essentially just a wooden frame, with the dimension a car would have, but can be worn by a pedestrian, to illustrate how much space a vehicle uses compared to a single human. Understandably, when Knoflacher hits the streets with his creation, car owners are not amused and he frequently causes traffic jams.

We are increasingly retreating into enclosed environments, more or less out of our own choice, while isolating ourselves from an outside world subjected to noise, pollution and dust created by cars. Knoflacher

It has inspired people in other places, like Thailand, to demonstrate the potentialities of urban areas without cars. Let’s make it happen!


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