Long time no write…

January 14, 2010

As a result of settling into the new year my postings on this blog have suffered a little. Nevertheless, I have many things in mind I would like to write about.

This year I will start with a thought about a phenomenon I would like to see vanish from our streets sooner than later. It is the Porsche Cayenne. I’m normally not really bothered about cars, but this is just annoyingly apparent. Imagine you live in a city, a big city, like London. The streets are small, mostly jammed and most of them even cost money to drive on. Your day to day travel is, let’s say, bringing your kids to school, going shopping and maybe going to Ikea sometimes. Going to Ikea might count as a bit of a track, BUT this car is a monster, a machine, not much unlike a military jeep. The Cayenne weighs 2 tonnes, needs 22.5l fuel for 100 km, has 500 hp and could probably drive into any wild animal without much damage. This might be useful for going into the wild, but not to drive in a city, AT ALL.

To me this vehicle is a symbol for something much greater, something which I’d like to call Weltangst. It is the almighty protective gadget for you and your whole family. Just think about all the possible threats – terrorism, climate change, recession – if only you’re in your Porsche Cayenne you and your family are safe. So this is what I want to say to the owners: It’s ok, you’ll be safe without it. Trust me, the world is not going to end soon, but you might contribute to it. Why don’t you try a smaller car, or maybe even a bike, public transport – it will all be fine. With this suggestion I would like to herald 2010 and hope that this might be the year when people will not only be driven by fear and starting to trust each other and the world around them more.


One Response to “Long time no write…”

  1. rustii Says:

    I totally agree, it seems really irresponsible for a company like Porsche to create a car like this when the planet is facing climate change.

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