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A festive treat

December 22, 2009

Tea and cakes screensaver by Richard Hogg. Available to download here.

All illustrations by Richard Hogg


Literary Oddities

December 18, 2009 have a section in their online store called Weird Book Room. And is has such gems as  Talks with Trees; A Plant Psychic’s Interviews with Vegetables, Flowers and Trees, Natural Bust Enlargement with Total Mind Power, 50 Ways to Use Feminine Hygiene Products in a Manly Manner, Teleportation: A How To Guide and may more.

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Dan Tobin Smith

December 7, 2009

If you live in London and go on the tube a lot you might have seen the poster for the new Jay-Z album. And even if I’m usually not very much in to advertising I was always struck by it and wondered if this was done in Photoshop or set up. I found the answer when, by accident, I stumbled across the amazing work of Dan Tobin Smith. Together with other creatives he creates beautiful images which are mesmerizing as well as amazingly crafted. I spend a long time on his website – below are a few examples.

Set design: Nicola Yeoman, Art direction: Greg Burke, Retouching: Martin Pryor

Set design: Nicola Yeoman

Retouching: Martin Pryor

Magazine: Wallpaper*, Set design: Faye Toogood

Magazine: Acne, Set design: Rachel Thomas

Set design: Nicola Yeoman, Retouching: Martin Pryor @ Bayeux


December 5, 2009

Treasure Hunt

December 3, 2009

In 1979 artist Kit Williams caused a worldwide treasure hunt by creating a children’s book called Masquerade. The first person to solve the riddle and find the clues hidden in the book would find the location of a jeweled golden hare, hidden somewhere in Britain.

The intention was to create a book which people would study carefully, instead of just flipping through. Kit Williams himself said about the book.

“If I was to spend two years on the 16 paintings for Masquerade I wanted them to mean something. I recalled how, as a child, I had come across ‘treasure hunts’ in which the puzzles were not exciting nor the treasure worth finding. So I decided to make a real treasure, of gold, bury it in the ground and paint real puzzles to lead people to it. The key was to be Catherine of Aragon’s Cross at Ampthill, near Bedford, casting a shadow like the pointer of a sundial.”

Kit Williams

In March 1982, Williams announced that someone called Ken Thomas has won the competition, which turned out to be a fraud. Ken Thomas was a pseudonym of Dugald Thompson, an acquaintance of a girlfriend of Williams, who helped Thompson to find the location eventually. The hysteria and scandal that followed drove Williams underground where he remained to create art, which he refuses to exhibit.

There is a BBC documentary about the whole story and it’s creator, which can be watched here.