The sagging shelf

November 6, 2009

I recently saw this Display Book Shelf by London-based designer/artist Daniel Eatock which made me curios about his work.


The shelf sags under the weight of its contents in a graceful arc, the top edges of all the books are perfectly flush as a result of a conscious selection of volumes chosen to accommodate (or compensate for) the arc of the sagging shelf.

Some other (participative) work include an intense collection of alternative No Smoking signs and images of Signs that tell you not too. I like the wittiness and use of everyday observations and the fact that it’s a lot about collections and invite people to contribute. Similar to some of my work and of those artists that I like.

There is a lot more on the website which I haven´t had a chance to look at in details, but I´m sure it´s worth it. One last nice project is Vandalized Trees Reoriented where Daniel gives fallen trunks a digital lift for a second life.






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