Everything is OK

October 14, 2009

Sometimes it´s the simplest messages that are the most important ones.

Here is a form of protest which I support and enjoyed watching for the last couple of days! Charlie and Danny are two guys, based in London, equipment with a megaphone and opinions and messages worth spreading. And they do it in a very bold, yet peaceful and satirical way.

London is the ideal place for it. They are exposing the madness of why the powers-that-be feel that it is OK to film the public but are not happy about the public turning round and filming them back. The most ridiculous thing is, that these videos are only interesting because the police always tries to intervene and prosecute. If they would just not bother they would be nowhere funny as they are. It also shows how important it is to know your rights so you´re not intimidated by someone, just because he is wearing a uniform.

Danny+Charlies YouTube channel cveitch and some of my favorite videos:

Camden Stories

The Royal Edition Part 1

The Royal Edition Part 2

My favorite one is The Happy Carriage, only because I go on the tube almost every day and keep on thinking, why is everyone so miserable and is just trying to ignore everyone else. As Danny and Charlie are saying, it is sad how we are afraid of each other and the world around us, because fear is what keeps people controlled. Sometimes all you need to break that is a smile and a hug. Cheesy, maybe but true.

The Happy Carriage


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