Less internet

September 22, 2009

I recently read an article about how we and especially employees need to spend less time on the internet. And how to achieve that. Apparently there are quite a few programs out there that can help you. RescueTime keeps track of everything you do on your computer and then puts it all in nice little charts and graphics.


DarkRoom takes your computer (Windows) back to technological dark ages and looks like this- so no more playing around with menu options and icons. Good for writers!


Then there is Leechblock is a Firefox add-on to block time-wasting sites like YouTube or Flickr. You can tell it for example to shut down YouTube after 20 and it will. No need for self control. Finally there is a funny add-in for Outlook called Postware giving you virtual stamps which you can allot to your email. Once you used your amount for the day no more emails!

As a child of the internet I can definitely see the point and know myself how much time you can waste “working” on a computer. The more easier and especially quicker it becomes to communicate with people the more stressful it gets, because people expecting prompt responses. Essentially we are not gaining time but putting more stress on ourselves. But, it is also brought great possibilities – communicating with people far away, doing projects on new ways of communication, finding out about so many amazing and interesting things that happen all over the world and finally, pretending to be busy, when you´re not!

So I think we just need to use common sense, and maybe a little bit of self control and it´ll be fine. Pick up the phone instead of lengthy email conversations, not taking your Iphone everywhere or maybe tuning the computer of at all. I´d still like to try out all of these programs, just to see what happens…I just wonder if it could turn into procrastination by managing your productivity through managing software that manages your productivity.

Now, how much time have you wasted again on reading blogs and doing facebooking?


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