Dots and sliced up people

August 11, 2009

I finally managed to visit the current exhibition at the the Hayward Gallery Walking In My Mind – Adventure into the artist´s imagination

After being really impressed by the last exhibition The Russian Linesman (curated by Mark Wallinger) I had high hopes, and in order to come to the point – I wasn´t with this one. Trees wrapped in dots, outside at the Southbank, looked like Ikea advertisement to me. Inside some of the pieces where nice to look at – Yoshitomo Nara´s My Drawing Room – a little hut, that looked like he just placed it from his home in the gallery, or Thomas Hirschhorn´s Cavemanman – a cave, through which you could walk, symbolizing his mind – but all  the time I couldn´t help to think, this is just a bit simple. Not honest enough, not mean, dirty and surprising.

Ok, so the theme is The Artist´s Imagination – think head, think brain, think inspiration, think chaos, think influences, think images, sounds, memories, people – and what do you come up with? A giant sketchbook (Keith Tyson), an giant “brain-machine” mainly consisting of porn pictures (Jason Rhoades), Alter Egos (Bo Christian Larsson), a big net made up of wool (Chiharu Shiota) and the mentioned hut and cave. Oh, and big wobbly things with dots on it. You can´t help thinking, what would I have done with an opportunity like this, and of course you come up with hundreds of ideas. I mean to visualize an artists inspiration is a dream opportunity for any creativly working person, I wonder if this could not have been pushed a bit further.




There were two exceptions, Pipilotti Rist and Mark Manders, whose work I really liked, although there weren´t made especially for this exhibition. Go and see for yourself. The view from the balcony is usually quite nice though.


Piece from Mark Manders ongoing (started in 1986) project Self-portrait as a Building, which also consists of a sliced up cat and two metal sticks, bend down, which are called Sad Thoughts.


2 Responses to “Dots and sliced up people”

  1. wow, those red things are crazy cool 🙂

  2. dukduk Says:

    They are made by Yayoi Kusama who started painting these “Polkadots” when she was ten, as a result of her recurring hallucinations. At some point she decided to live in a psychiatric home in Japan, where I believe she still lives and works from.

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