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Playing the building

August 23, 2009

David Byrne´s sound installation Playing The Building is currently on display at the Roundhouse. When I went there this weekend it was quite busy, with people queuing to play the organ and lots of others scattered around the space, enjoying the atmosphere.


Wires are attached to the back of the organ, which translates the pressing and depressing of the keys into impulses causing different devices, which themselves are attached to parts of the building, to make sounds. There are three sounds, a flute tone, created with wind blowing through pipes, a humming, caused by vibrations of the metal crossbeams and clapping sounds, by little metal plates.


I liked the sound scape, and that everyone tried to create a sort of symphony with these sounds. The space also became a hang out place, where people stayed much longer – sitting, lying, resting – then they would in a normal exhibition space. And it didn´t feel like a distant art piece. It is also a thing that is enjoyable for everyone, judging from the crowd, ranging from young arty hipsters, to families and old people. It would have been interesting what else could be done with an idea like this. Opening and closing of the windows, creating movement within the building, changing of lights and so on. Just a more extreme interaction with the building, but as it is, it is definitely worth going. 5 GBP /2,50 GBP concessions.




Online genome

August 18, 2009

Picture 1

Not sure if this is really descriptive of my online data me, but it is certainly entertaining.

Personas is a component of the Metropath(ologies) exhibit, currently on display at the MIT Museum by the Sociable Media Group from the MIT Media Lab. It uses sophisticated natural language processing and the Internet to create a data portrait of one’s aggregated online identity. In short, Personas shows you how the Internet sees you.

Sunday afternoon in England

August 18, 2009



Vanity Camera

August 14, 2009

Samsung will launch a new camera next month called DualView with a view screen in the front as well as in the back.

This is for all the social network addicts, having always had troubles taking pictures of themself.

Or as this article puts it Think of it as the digital camera for the lonely.



August 13, 2009




I am strangely intrigued by these pictures of an unusual autopsy. Scientists from the Royal Veterinary College in England have recently had the opportunity to anatomise an alligator, a giraffe, an elephant and a whale. That it something, that you don´t get to see every day. The dead animals, who were provided by European zoos, have incredible big organs – when you see the pictures you realise how massive these animals actually are and how tiny we are compared to that. There is also a documentary on Channel 4  Inside Nature´s Giants.

Click here for more pictures (German subtitles)

Dots and sliced up people

August 11, 2009

I finally managed to visit the current exhibition at the the Hayward Gallery Walking In My Mind – Adventure into the artist´s imagination

After being really impressed by the last exhibition The Russian Linesman (curated by Mark Wallinger) I had high hopes, and in order to come to the point – I wasn´t with this one. Trees wrapped in dots, outside at the Southbank, looked like Ikea advertisement to me. Inside some of the pieces where nice to look at – Yoshitomo Nara´s My Drawing Room – a little hut, that looked like he just placed it from his home in the gallery, or Thomas Hirschhorn´s Cavemanman – a cave, through which you could walk, symbolizing his mind – but all  the time I couldn´t help to think, this is just a bit simple. Not honest enough, not mean, dirty and surprising.

Ok, so the theme is The Artist´s Imagination – think head, think brain, think inspiration, think chaos, think influences, think images, sounds, memories, people – and what do you come up with? A giant sketchbook (Keith Tyson), an giant “brain-machine” mainly consisting of porn pictures (Jason Rhoades), Alter Egos (Bo Christian Larsson), a big net made up of wool (Chiharu Shiota) and the mentioned hut and cave. Oh, and big wobbly things with dots on it. You can´t help thinking, what would I have done with an opportunity like this, and of course you come up with hundreds of ideas. I mean to visualize an artists inspiration is a dream opportunity for any creativly working person, I wonder if this could not have been pushed a bit further.




There were two exceptions, Pipilotti Rist and Mark Manders, whose work I really liked, although there weren´t made especially for this exhibition. Go and see for yourself. The view from the balcony is usually quite nice though.


Piece from Mark Manders ongoing (started in 1986) project Self-portrait as a Building, which also consists of a sliced up cat and two metal sticks, bend down, which are called Sad Thoughts.

New Peaches Video

August 4, 2009

When I grow up I want to be Peaches.

And be able to wear lots of latex suits on top of each other, still looking amazing.

August 1, 2009


Art Basel Fucks Documenta Erwin Wurm