Conway + Young

June 23, 2009

While studying for 6 months at the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam in 2005 I met two english girls who I loosley kept in contact with ever since. Ever since they met at the univeristy in Bristol they worked together, now under the name of Conway + Young.

Their work is playful, often humorous and very charming. I love the fact that it  incorporates lots of people and places they met or have been. It also has a  very communal character and is therefore it is very engaging. Even though it might not be the classic, sleek graphic design that seems to be en vogue at the moment, I feel their work is much more lasting and flexible.


A Valentines Card To A City


The Unredeemed Pledge

We invite people to stay for one night and two days in the understairs closet of our house and make work in response to their experience. This intinerant residency began when we were living in an old shop in Bristol. The name, ‘The Unredeemed Pledge’, references the first occupants of the shop who ran it as a Pawnbroker in 1897. The residency will move where we move.

Have a look for yourself.


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