Utopian Survey

April 15, 2009

I think the connotations around the word lend it an unfavourable idealist unreality. It would almost be better to find a new word for such a important gesture.

This is just one answer I got through my survey that can be found here, when asked: Do you agree with the following statement “I think in todays society it is important to keep a utopian spirit alive.” and Can you give reasons why?

In An Ideal World Survey

I´m very happy that so far I´ve collected more than 60 responses, most of them extremly interesting and helpfull. Even though I have to admit that it might take 20 rather than 10 minutes to complete, it seems not to put people off too much – hopefully because people believe, like me, that this is an important topic and worth spending time with.

Thanks to all of those that participated so far!


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