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Grow a pet

April 29, 2009

The simple act of stroking an animal can be spirit lifting. “A pet can also give someone something to focus on other than themselves, to give kindness and affection,“ Dr Harper says. “There is a basic human desire to give things, he says – in a way we reward ourselves by being nice. “ Since I‘m in no position to care for a living creature I found a safe way to lift my spirit – grow my own Amazing Sheep.








Reassuringly familiar

April 21, 2009


De-stiff people

April 20, 2009

In my endless travels through the world wide web I came across Remi Gaillard who is just hilarious in every one of his videos.

If you ever feel unhappy go to his website and watch a couple…you´ll feel better afterwards. I think he doesn´t like golfers.

Utopian Survey

April 15, 2009

I think the connotations around the word lend it an unfavourable idealist unreality. It would almost be better to find a new word for such a important gesture.

This is just one answer I got through my survey that can be found here, when asked: Do you agree with the following statement “I think in todays society it is important to keep a utopian spirit alive.” and Can you give reasons why?

In An Ideal World Survey

I´m very happy that so far I´ve collected more than 60 responses, most of them extremly interesting and helpfull. Even though I have to admit that it might take 20 rather than 10 minutes to complete, it seems not to put people off too much – hopefully because people believe, like me, that this is an important topic and worth spending time with.

Thanks to all of those that participated so far!

Jacek Utko on newspaper design

April 5, 2009


Here is an interesting TED talk by polish designer Jacek Utko. He explains how he redesigned three east-european newspaper so they became »the world’s best designed newspapers«. His key aspects to a great job are – Inspiration, Vision and Determination – in that order. Definitly worth watching.


Why you should listen to him:

As the art director at Warsaw’s Puls Biznesu in 2004, he redesigned this small business-focused newspaper and immediately won the SND award for world’s best-designed newspaper. Readers responded, and circulation went up. He’s now art director for the Bonnier Business Press, overseeing papers in Eastern Europe and the Baltic states, and the work he oversees consistently wins major prizes (including another SND world’s-best in 2007 for Estonia’s Äripäev), despite their small teams and limited resources.

Newspaper designer Jacek Utko suggests that it’s time for a fresh, top-to-bottom rethink of the newspaper. (At this point, why not try it?) In his work, he’s proved that good design can help readers reconnect with newspapers. A former architect, Utko took on the job of redesigning several newspapers in former Soviet Bloc nations, starting from basic principles. He worked closely with newspaper executives to figure out the business goals of their papers, and then radically reformatted the product to fit those goals. (And he wasn’t afraid to break a few grids in the process.)

World Saviour

April 3, 2009





Want to have your personal Obama Actionman to play fight and save the world?

I guess this is your toy then. (Don´t know what the discription on the webpage says though)

Click here