And another one…

March 27, 2009




Update Today I found another Hopeful News/Utopian/Future/Optimist/Fake Newspaper. This time it was ” Not The Financial Times” fitting with the upcoming London Summit 2009.

Information on the website:

This special edition of the Financial Times is brought to you with 2020 hindsight.

It was written by the Editor and his Chief Correspondent, and published with assistance from unnamed others.

The print edition was laid out in a trial copy of Adobe’s InDesign CS4, and the website built on WordPress. Neither of these organisations support us.

Everyone worked for free, and it’s all cost us thousands of pounds more than we can afford. So if you like it, please chip in. Any surplus will go to Not Stupid.

Our efforts were inspired in part by The Yes Men, The Age of Stupid and Ed Miliband, who says it’s our job to tell him to do his properly.

We hope this inspires you to do something.



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