Hopeful News 2

March 22, 2009

Inspired by the fake New York Times released by the Yes-Men in November last year (see Post Nov 13th), globalisation critical network Attac released an edition of german newspaper Die Zeit on Saturday.

Although it´s not as cost intense and extensive as the american version, it´s basically the same thing, a printed version, a fake webpage and news that the group would like to see.



Fake Zeit Online

Their statement says: We want to broaden peoples imagination and encourage them to become more political. This is a similar concept, though completly different appraoch, to my project Inanidealworld. I wonder if this really is a way to get people more interested in politcal activsim. It´s fun, interesting for a bit and charming but I wonder wether it has a long term effect.

Here is a link to a german article about it: Der Spiegel


Last years fake New York Times.

NY Times Spoof


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