Question Time

March 13, 2009


As part of my effort to become an active and interested citizen I attended Question Time at the House of Commons.



Harriet Harman, who happens to be my local MP – she once went to Camberwell and Peckham in a bullet proof vest, which I think is a little bit over the top – answered, in her role as the leader of the House of Commons, business questions. Since I wasn´t allowed to take any pictures inside I observed everything in detail. It was interesting and a little bit weird. Why, for example do some members stand up and sit down again, after someone said something – agreement? disagreement? Why do all the women sit together, mainly on the left? And why are they talking about the stilettos of Harriet Harman? What I found very odd yet english was the way they addressed each other – ” my noble friend” and ” the honorable gentleman”.


After all, I didn´t get the impression that they were really debating. I´m very clear about that the really important stuff gets talked about behind closed doors, but. This felt more like a demonstration how politics work in theory. The whole procedure of someone bringing up an issue ” we need to have an urgent debate” and then her briefly answering or redirecting it to another person/department was a bit disappointing.

Does this make people feel to be more invovled in the political process? A transparent government? I would say it is defintly worth a go – at least you see everything what´s normaly on TV in reality – but it still it feels somehow disconnected. As long as you´re clear that this is not the real thing it can be quite amusing though. Apparently english people know what it´s like and don´t bother going, so you end up with tourists, who don´t understand what they´re talking about, school classes, who are not interested anyway, pensioners who just like the nice interior and some weirdos like me. Hm.


2 Responses to “Question Time”

  1. mio Says:

    hihi ich musste so lachen bei dem members stand up and sit down teil. ich kann es mir bildlich vorstellen 😀 ich mag deinen blog. go tina!

  2. Rasha Says:

    Haha, aye!

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