Giant yellow ball on blue stick next to brick wall.

February 24, 2009

This morning I visited Lucas Gardens in Camberwell. It was a grey and rainy day and therefore the playground made a very sad impression.


Beside all the usuall playground equipments, hidden away in a corner next to the brick wall, I discoverd a wired thing.



What could this possibly be? A lamp? A climbing tree? A spaceship? How are we supposed to play with it? Closer investigation brought out the following discoveries: It has four holes, pointing towards the ground and one big one pointing towards the sky. On the ground are stones, leading towards each tube-like hole. It’s yellow with bees painted on it.



Conclusion It could either be a futuristic communication tool to engage children with new ways of talking to each other. An early learning experience to get children, from a very early stage on, used to devices for communication. It could also be a trap where giant bees will be allured into (therefore the yellow colour) and then killed and exhibited. Or maybe it should just trigger some thoughts and ask children to use their imagination? A blank playing space. I need to come back to see how people engage with this.


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