Live the dream

February 16, 2009


Since 1999 Hugo Chávez is the president of Venezuela. And as it seems, he will be for at least another ten years. He gets away with a lot of things and the word diplomacy is not something you would necessarily associate with him:

I hereby accuse the North American empire of being the biggest menace to our planet.

The devil came right here… And it still smells of sulfur today (On G.W. Bush)

Well we can try to measure democracy, just as you measure temperature with a thermometer, or pressure with a barometer.

The day before yesterday I thought I was going to have to go to the extreme of decreeing a national emergency, but today I don’t think I will have to.

If they don’t comply with the contract … we can do whatever we want with these aircraft, whatever the hell we want. Maybe we’ll give 10 planes to Cuba or to China so they can study the technology

His latest coup is to have won a public referendum on the constitution which entitles him to be unlimitedly re-elected. But people love him, mainly the working class. He is, as he calls himself, a soldier of the people, and as such always sees himself being right in all his actions. I don´t quite understand why he is so popular, and why people in Venezuela are willingly (?) giving one person as much power as he has. But as it is, it is one of the last remaining running socialist systems in the world.



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