A break

February 2, 2009


London has seen the heaviest snowfall since 18 years since last night.

The results:

Due to treacherous road conditions overnight throughout the London area, TfL suspended all bus services in London last night on the grounds of safety.

Plus no trains, severe delays on tubes, closed schools and airports.

This is pretty astonishing. I went out for a walk and it was magical. So many people outside, making snowmen, shopping, having a late breakfast, smiling at each other with the common knowledge, yeah, you didn´t make it to work today either. First you have a bad conscience, but after a while you think, there´s nothing I can do about it, so best enjoy. It makes you realise that actually the world doesn´t come to an end, if people don´t go to work for a day. Instead, they do things which normally they wouldn´t have time for – like making a cake. And that´s what I´m going to do now.


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