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In an ideal world

December 18, 2008


In an ideal world I would grow by eating mushrooms, get money by jumping at brick blocks and have one main enemy, who I can defeat by jumping on his head, throwing blocks at him or pushing him into the fire .

In an ideal world I would have lots of little creatures, who help me cope with the challenges that lie ahead of me. I would also have 4 loyal friends who would fight instead of me, and sacrifice themself with the aim of getting me through life.

In an ideal world I would know that there are 8 worlds, I need to survive, if I fail, I have three more attempts and in the end I would be greeted by a princess who would give me a kiss and a trophy. And if I do something really stupid, like jumping into a trench, I would always have another try.

I would also have a moustache.


On that note…

December 14, 2008

I´m impressed by his reactions though.


December 11, 2008

Is the name of a multi-disciplinary creative company run by artists Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie.


I discovered them by watching Bata-ville, a film about a coach trip to the origins of the Bata-shoe making empire – Zlín in the Czech Republic. Former employees and “others” are led on a journey, which first seems like a holiday trip but soon becomes much more than that. “We are not afraid of the future”, the founders Thomas Batas maxime, hangs as a question above the whole “adventure”. The documentary is easy to watch and entertaining but still there is a lot more to it.

It left me curious as to what other projects they did. And I really like every single one…all projects have something artistic to it but still provoke, propose a question or trigger thoughts of some sort. I also like how they often seem to integrate everyday people into their projects.

Nina Pope is also tutor in the Design Interaction Department at the RCA. I need to have a tutorial.

Un Concert à Emporter

December 7, 2008

Whoever loves music, and everything that surrounds it – this project is amazing.

My favourites…

Bon Iver


The Arcade Fire


WIP Show Impressions

December 6, 2008

Royal College of Art | 9th – 14th December 2008



The Land of Cockaygne | Ann + Yoonna



Work In Progress Part 2

December 5, 2008


We created this website for our Work In Progress Show. It´s almost set up – more pictures soon.

What is the ideal world?
How realistic is Utopia?
Or is that a contradiction in itself?

Every second new developments take place the world over.
Newspapers mirror the social currents of time.
Can mixing the information together randomly give it a new significance?

Utopia is interpreted as being a “no-place land.”
The Internet can also be considered as a “no-place.”
It is virtual, not physical.
In fact, it is a super-democratic micro-world.

This project provides us with our own personal playground.
It doesn’t make sense – or maybe it does?
This is our Land of Cockaygne.
Everyone is invited to add to it.

Work In Progress Show Teaser

December 1, 2008

WIP Poster

One of many images created for the Work In Progress Show at the RCA next week.

More information to follow shortly.

9th – 14th December 2008 | Royal College of Art | London