Krzysztof Wodiczko

November 29, 2008



Yesterday I went to a conference where I met a very inspiring artist called Krzysztof Wodiczko. He´s a polish artist currently living and teaching in America.

Even if today he´s mostly known for his large-scale outdoor projections I was more fascinated by his earlier work. He made lots of machine, which would react to the human using it. One of these machines was a vehicle on which one would move forward and backward, with the vehicle only moving in one direction. Even if it seems pointless, you still get somewhere, as long as you keep moving. Once you stop, the machine stops as well.



Another one was a speakers box, in which you would stand like in a podium, and the machine would move as long as you keep speaking. He said that it questions wether it´s your speech that generates the movement or the machine that generates your speech.

He made so much great stuff, it´s impossible to describe it all. The thing I love about his work how he turns simple ideas into somehow humorous projects – still they are very criticall. I´m glad to found out about him.


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