Joe The Plumber

October 17, 2008

This is Joe, who all of a sudden is a very important figure in the United States presidential election. (87,900 hits in google!) After he was mentioned about 26 times by John McCain in the last debate with Obama, Joe turned into a semi celebrity. The reason for this is that Joe took Obama to task, at an election campaign event, for planned tax increases. McCain therefore used him as a prime example for the fear of small business people about Obamas financial plans. As we all know, it didn´t really help McCain much, and what about Joe? Is he happy with journalists wanting interviews and the media digging out every detail about his financial situation? And will he be known for the rest of his life as “Joe The Plumber”?

I´m an annoyed that politicians always use these stereotypes of people, mostly working class people, because they are the ones who can decide elections, without considering if people are happy with it. As if they really care about “Joe The Plumber” or, as happened in the last German election, “The Hairdresser from Thuringia”. It´s just pure populism, nothing else.


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