The end of capitalism?

October 8, 2008

I´ve heard, read and talked so much about this topic recently, that I get the impression it´s quite important.

So, Iceland is basically owned by Russia, yes? A whole country almost bankrupt – that´s unbelievable. It all started with news headlines like ” Dow Jones index fell by so and so many points…”. I would usually turn over the page and look for something more interesting. And all of a sudden we find ourselves in this global crisis. The other day I was listening to a radio show where people stated their opinions. It was amazing. There was so much anger, fear but also a hint of satisfaction. A common opinion being that, whoever is responsible for the debacle should be the one, who “suffers first”. (quote!)

I must confess, that I don´t really feel sorry for certain people, but, let´s face it, we´re all involved in this. In an interview with Noam Chomsky, he says that “consumption is, what distracts people.” No need to control the masses, when they´re busy shopping. And we do consume a lot. So, in the end, everyone is somehow responsible. Bankers with ridiculous bonuses are just the pinnacle of that. Times like this might be a bit to serious to feel schadenfreude.

So what now…it all sounds really scary. Or will everything go back to normal, once the crisis is survived? Is it like having a cold, where, when you feel really shit you think, I will eat more fruit+vegetables, drink+smoke less and start doing sports, when all you do once you feel ok again, is going back to your old habits? I like the fact though, that people earnestly talk about if this might be the end of capatalism, when everything else proved not to be working. (And I say this as a devoted former communist) Maybe it will lead to a more considered way of consuming though.


3 Responses to “The end of capitalism?”

  1. if we need to get on a boat or spaceship to the other planet at the end of the world, who is gonna get a ticket first? i reckon it would be farmer, doctor and finance consultant. actually at the beginning of the world, there was no rule in terms of the economics, stock, mortgage, mutual or Hedge Funds, stuffs like that but it has been kind of proof of whether we are alright or not at the moment. It gets me confused if we should bring financing manager on the spaceship or not.
    i mean, i hope we are fine even all kinds of stocks are falling down to the ground. must be ok as we haven’t got any.

  2. yeh, due to having all kinds of money documents, we are getting worse and worse, probably. if there is no one who can prove that we are actually in crisis, we might get better. Cuz no one would say we shouldn’t over consume.

  3. one more thing, actually you can see more brilliant page if you turn over this headline. it would be 50’s or 60’s ad in relation with gender and i quite liked that as it was super impressive. would be good to scan also.

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