This is encouraging

September 16, 2008

Damien Hirsts decision to auction some of his work, including the above pictured »Golden Calf«, turned out to be quite succesfull. This »preserved bull crowned by a solid gold disc« alone got him 10,3 million pound. Hirst being the wealthiest living british artist already. Some of it goes to charity – of course.

Now, what is interesting about this though, is, that it shows a completely new way of selling and distributing art. It cuts out the middle man – agents for example – and gives the artist full power about his work. If you have to have the popularity of Damien Hirst though, is another question. Here´s a link to a video with him talking about it.

I wonder if one could apply that to Graphic Design? Create an abstract Corporate Identity/Book/Whatever, sell it to the highest bidder, slightly adjust it and that´s it. Somehow I doubt, that it would achieve the same results.


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