September 9, 2008

This is Kurt Beck. And these are his »friends«. The story goes like this: Kurt, who used to lead the social democrats party in the rather contemplative county of Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany decided to go to Berlin to do it for the whole of Germany. I won´t go into the whole story, it´s quite complicated and shows how much the Social Democrats struggle to find their profile at the moment, but it ended like this. His colleagues thought that he wouldn´t be someone to challenge the big mighty Angela Merkel, in the upcoming general elections. Just because he is a bit slow, stolid and not liked very much by the journalists in Berlin. So they made a little intrigue to get him out and Frank-Walter Steinmeier and his mate Franz Müntefering in. (At least that´s how sees it). So without letting him know first »someone« let it slip to the media, that Frank-Walter would be the candidate for being chancellor in that election. Nice. So he was a little pissed off and decided to return to familiar surrounding. Now, I´m not a big fan of him, but this isn´t very nice is it? I know it´s all politics, but it amazes me, that things like that, which we all know from our own private little history of life, also happen in the highest ranks of society. And all under the taunting eye of the media. So, what I want to say to Kurt is this: Don´t worry, it´s not your fault, people are mean, have a nice white wine back in Mainz, maybe a stroll along the river and be happy that you´ve escaped the shark tank.

I like what someone said here, it is a “political drama of Shakespearian proportions”.



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